Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Rochester Real Ale Festival

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Joe McBane, bar manager from has busted his ass to put together an ambitious project with potentially amazing results. The Real Beer Expo will take place on Saturday, October 21st, from 5-10pm.

This is huge. enjoys a cult following in the US, but still exists way out of the mainstream. This is the traditional "English Pint" style of ale that's carried over since before the Victorian Era. This is authentic ale, the way it was drank by the great people of our time: Naturally carbonated, not overchilled, cloudy with sediment.

20 craft brewereies will be represented under the tent in the lot behind the Sibley Building. If you're a fan of real ale, welcome to paradise. If you've never tried it, Isn't it time those horizons expanded a bit?

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Soarkle Anne said...

Is this the cask ale tht they "pump"? Who are the breweries that are going to be there? I had the shittiest Oktoberfest last night, but Jenz totally made up for it with his dancing.