Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ideas, ideas, ideas.

OK, so I have to write a beer column that's due today. No problem. I work well under deadline pressure, and it's not too dificult to bang out 800 words of reasonably coherent prose.

But I lack the one necessary ingrediant: a topic.

So I'm calling upon anyone who A. likes beer, B. has happened across this blog, and C. is bored to such a profound degree that they'll take the time to hit the "comment" button and suggest a beer-related topic.

It's your unproductive work day. Make it count.



chris said...

Here's a few:

1 glasswear
2 organic movement
3 scotch ales and the schilling
4 american barleywine
5 brut biere of belgium
6 that's enough....

Anonymous said...

You've done overrated beers. How about "Best Beer Bargain" - good beer at a low price. Problem is finding an example, of course.

'Don' Cialini said...

Yeah, how about we just write the article for you too ya lazy bitch...

Anonymous said...

Since you write about craft beers, I wonder if you might write about the problem of shelf life. I may be alone, but I sometimes hesitate to get a really nifty craft beer when I suspect it's been on the shelf too long, since there is far less turnover on a seasonal beer from Sierra Nevada, for example, than a case of Coors Light. How long is too long, anyway?