Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday's overrated beer: Beck's

I've long had a personal bias toward German beer. My favorite styles, and the best examples thereof, come from Germany and the Czech Republic. For all of it's worldwide brand presence and high sales numbers, however, does not fare well in comparison with its teutonic competition.

This flagship of the German brewing industry is not a bad lager, but there isn't a single reason for it to enjoy such worldwide acclaim besides marketing dollars. Hundreds of other German lagers sport a more rounded malt character and better hop balance, but you'll never find them outside of Europe.

Beck's can usually be found at restaurants and bars that need premium a premium beer menu, but don't want to put a lot of energy into it. It's on the shelf next to Heineken, Sam Adams, Corona, and Bass. While I'd certainly chose Beck's out of that police lineup of beers, All I'd be able to focus on while sipping is "Man, this stuff is overrated."


P.S. Happy Birthday to me.


ScottM said...

One thing in favor of Beck's: apparently because it is brewed via those German Purity laws, it is less prone to cause hangovers than its non-pure competitors. I haven't sat down to consume eight or ten Beck's specifically to find out if it produces a hangover, but on the occasion I've had a fistful of them I have enjoyed a clear morning the next day. Can't say the same for Sam Adams or Harpoon beers (both very popular - and hoppy - beers in the Boston area). Drink a six pack of Sam Adams lager and go to bed, and you're guaranteed a skull thumper when you wake up. Harpoon IPA, as good as it tastes, is even worse. You actually feel the hangover brewing, no pun intended, while you're drinking it.

Happy Birthday! What a coincidence, it's also my wife's 34th birthday.

Sparkle Anne said...

I see a Friday night idea in front of us! Happy Birthday! Enjoy, drink beer and eat Indian food to your little heart's content.