Monday, August 07, 2006

Here comes a Regular

Thought I'd take a moment to pimp one of my favorite blogs: Monroe County, NY Bars.

Snazzy title aside, it's a day-by-day journey through the varied bars of my hometown (Rochester, NY) and the surrounding area. The Bar Man's stated goal is to visit all of the bars in the area within a year; a pretty ambitious feat to say the least. No way this dude is married!

If you live in Rochester, consider this blog an essential guide to the watering holes in your area. If you're reaing from somewhere else, you get to view the settings and cast of characters almost anthropologically, or perhaps voyeuristically. Either way, it's a great exception to the self-indulgent nature of most weblogs.

Bar Man, next time I go out, I'll hoist one to you!



Sparkle Anne said...


'Don' Cialini said...

Stellar contribution from Sparkle Anne as always. Although with that "kickass" line I think she thinks she is reading a Neckcar blog and not one about beer.

Rochester Bar Man said...

Thanks for the plug. Sometimes I feel like the old tree-falling-in-the-forest thing wondering if anybody's out there. I have in fact become a regular here too. I especially like the "overrated beer" entries, which have been right on the mark, plus I like the term "overrated" rather than "bad." If you like it, drink it, but just realize that you're paying extra for an undeserved image of quality or sophistication.