Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Czech Republic gets its due

The Czech Republic is one of the most important beer nations in the world. It was there that lager was introduced and Pilsener was invented. Since the American craft beer scene is dominated by ales, many beer fans never really learn about the awesome beers of this region, or the heritage and importance of the breweries that produce them.

This article in the New York Times gives credit where credit is due. Read it and expand your horizons!



Sparkle Anne said...

What do you know about King Fisher beer? Sudip was talking about it last night and he thinks it is brewed in Calcutta. Have ou ever tasted it? Can I get it at beers of the world?

Mark said...

Kingfisher is from Bangalore, and they also, through a series of convoluted, whacky reasons own the American Mendocino microbrewery, perversely located in New York State.

The lager is mind-numbingly typical. It's clean and crisp, doesn't taste like a hell of a lot, but will quench you if you overdid it on the chiles in th vindaloo.