Saturday, August 12, 2006

Beer and sausages

For today's blog post, we shall gape in glee at the menu of the most famous brewery/restaurant in the world, the

I've always loved the HB beer, and it's at its best when consumed, one liter at a time, in the big beer hall on a chilly spring night. If you have any Hofbrauhaus stories, post a comment and share them.



'Don' Cialini said...

I like sausage.

Signed, sparkle anne

Anonymous said...

I went to the HH in 93. We went in late after a Munich Bayern / Sweden match (or was it SZ?)... anyway, we met up with some locals, a few americans (I'm a canuck) and an irish fella. When we walked in there was a small security guard doing chin up in the door jamb with an uzi slung over his shoulder. When we sat down with the crew to play drinking games, the guard walked over to me and told me to take off my hat. He said, " this hat is no good". When I questioned him, he told me my life was in danger for wearing a munich bayern hat and he named another team, presumably his favorite. I relented and enjoyed my evening. Never argue with a small man carrying an uzi and a complex.