Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday's overrated beer- Blue Moon

You ever go out with the office crew for Friday happy hour? That one giggly chick always orders She likes the taste and thinks it's sophisticated. She's also got a boyfriend, so forget it.

Hey, you like what you like, and what you choose to drink is not a measure of sophistication. But Blue Moon is a pale imitation of Belgian witbeer. Oh, and it's also a phony microbrewery. The stuff is made by Coors. Think of it as money laundering but with beer.

I can't really lambaste anyone for enjoying this beer, just don't expect it to taste authentic; its like lasagna from the Olive Garden. If you want to try a real Belgian wit, go for You can thank me later.


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Sparkle Anne said...

Cheers to a deserved ass-kicking at Blue Moon. It sux. Pretty bottle wrapper, tho.