Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Beer for the World Cup

I admit it. I am a soccer (football) fan. It's a result of having spent a decent chunk of my childhood and/or adolescense in Germany and Belgium. That being said, A couple of friends and myself are going apeshit over the World Cup.

I got DirecTV. I got the DVR. The large-screen tv will be arriving tomorrow (and my dad's going to freak out when he notices it missing). All that's left is the beer.

The idea is to stock up on the beer of each nation playing in the matches we'll be watching. First up: Germany vs. Costa Rica. Down to I go.

As it turns out, even they don't have any Costa Rican beer. Fortunately, there are 300 German brews from which to choose. I settle for a case of Dortmund's since it's on sale.

I hope Brazil gets knocked out early. I'm not particularly fond of Xingu.

Now for the stupid song: "Ole, ole, ole ole."


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