Thursday, July 06, 2006

It's a Belgian dip

Admittedly, I'm not the biggest fan of Belgian beers. I like 'em, but unless I'm in the proper mood, my first choice isn't going to be that funky trappist ale that tastes vaguely like somebody's basement.

That said, I've been enjoying as of late. I drank an awful lot of it a couple of days ago to drown my sorrows after Germany got Eliminated by the Italians. In doing so, I've reacquainted my palate with some of the more complex and subtle characteristics of Belgian ales.

It's fortuitous, then, that we're heading to a festival of Belgian ales sponsored by Brewery Ommegang. You'll get a full report. With pics. Because I won't remember.



Adam said...

Oops my other post should have been to this one. Sorry Mark.

Maybe we'll see each other there. Bryan and I are headed up Friday and leaving Sunday. This will be our first time and we're taking our wives and another couple in an RV. Just look for the RV that says BrewLounge :-)


Mark said...

Cool. I'll look for the RV and introduce myself. Good blog, by the way. -Mark