Friday, July 28, 2006

A glass, or seven, of Rochester tradition

Thanks to Greg Stacy of the High Falls Brewery for the cool Genny Cream Ale jacket, and for that matter the cool Genny Cream Ale. It's pretty good on draft. In fact, Bruce and I both think it would be pretty damn good on cask!

Anyway, let me pimp the brand new (launched yesterday)

Look, if we're gonna have a bunch of hipsters in chunky glasses and trucker hats ordering "ironic" beers, we could at least ensure that they go for the Rochester-brewed choice. I'm sick and tired of Pabst Blue Ribbon running away with the growing hipster market segment. So, Rochester hipsters, put down the Wilco album, belly up to the bar, and do your duty. Drink a Genny Cream Ale today.

Oh, and it was good to meet some of our readers last night. I appreciate the props for the column and blog. If you're a regular reader of our Freetime column, do us a favor. Drop them a quick e-mail at and let 'em know this column is reaching somebody.


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Brendan said...

It's great to see a marketing effort from High Falls. Genny Cream Ale is a bargain and it's pretty good, too.