Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Boston, Pt. III

There seem to be two types of bars here: corporate-owned, tourist-oriented faux-Irish megapubs and relatively comfortable holse in the wall. Having spent considerable time in both, I can say that Boston is a pretty good drinking town, although many bars lack the variety to which I'm accustomed in my native Rochester.

Still, there's plenty of Harpoon IPA, and that's just fine by me. Here are the better pubs I've visited so far:

There will be more. Tonight, my friend Patrick and I will be checking out an area microbrewery, although we've yet to decide on which one.



Anonymous said...

Hey Mark,

I'll also recommend the Public House. I also enjoyed Redbones in Sommerville quite a bit...good beers and good BBQ. Atomsphere is similar to Dinosaur. Cambridge Brewing Co. is good too. Enjoy.

See you in Cooperstown Sat.

Cheers, John

Adam said...

Hey maybe we'll see you there. Bryan and I will be in an RV with BrewLounge in the window :-)

We've never been there, but, looking forward to it!

Sparkle Anne said...

Did you go out after the game? Have fun this weekend!