Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hellooo Beantown

I'm in Boston all week on business. during the day, anyway. At night I'll turn into a partyin' fool! Don't tell my wife.

Anyway, It'll be fun to sniff out the best of B oston's beer bars; rest assured I'll be cataloging them here.Any suggestions would be tres appreciated.

Hell, if I get crazy enough, I might even swig a Sam Adams!



Thom said...

The two must visits in my opinion are The Publick House and Cambridge Brewing Company.

The Publick House in Brookline is my personal favorite beer bar. They have a nice rotating tap selection, and a large list of bottled beers. The food is always excellent as well. It's at the Washington Square stop on the C line of the Green line.

The Cambridge Brewing Company is located near the Kendall stop on the Red line. Their beers are consistently good.

Other Boston beer destinations that I've been to:
Brewpubs: Beer Works, John Harvard's
Restaurants/Bars: Red Bones BBQ, Bukowski's Tavern

Anonymous said...

Hey man! I live 45 minutes north of Boston; drop me a line this week if you have some time. Also check out Beer Works opposite Fenway Park (they brew their own) if you get a chance. Enjoy the town, your old buddy Scott M.

Mark said...

Cool. What's your number, ass?

Rochester Bar Man said...

It's been a few years, but The Sunset Grill & Tap was outstanding last time I was there.