Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday's overrated beer: Bass Ale

is ubiquitous. It's the oldest trademark in Britain. The bottle was depicted in a Monet painting. It's often considered the pinnacle of beer by people who rarely venture out of Busch-land.

And it sucks.

OK. Mayby it doesn't exactly suck, but it lacks body and character. Other English pale ales, such as blow bass out of the water (sic) in terms of body, balance, and general character of the beer.

I guess Bass' strongest positive is that it's available everywere. Mostr restaurants carry it, and you can get it in the British Airways Club Lounge (provided Snoop hasn't totally trashed the place). It's blandness also helps make it less of an acquired taste than many of the craft beers.

At any rate, you won't ever find it in my fridge.

1 comment:

Ben, aka BadBen said...

I agree with your assessment.

Bass is the Becks (or Heineken) of Britain.

There are others that can represent the style better.