Sunday, May 21, 2006

Breath patrol?!?

I received a press release for poduct. It's described as " 'emergency equipment' for all beer/wine drinkers. It's recommended by Professional Taster Stephen Beaumont (, and South West Brewing News (USA). BreathPatrol does not mask but eliminates breath odor from alcohol, tobacco, garlic, onions and coffee. The Germans have had breweries for 25 centuries: Who better to create a great tasting and effective breath freshener?"

So, what we have here is an anti-DWI pill. I can't see how you'l fool a breathalyzer, since alcohol is metabolized through the lungs, but you might take away any reason on the part of the coop to administer the test in the first place. I guess it's also nice to be able to slam back a few at lunchtime then return to work without smelling like a brewery.

Thank you, Germans, for helping us bring alcohol back into the workplace and the driver's seat! Who better than you guys? Oh, and can you do anything about my B.O.?


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