Friday, December 29, 2006

Visitation spike

Wow, over 3500 hits in 24 hours. It's amazing what a link from Ebaum's world can do.

As long as I have all of you here, why not tell us something about the beer you like? Anything you love or hate? Any great beer travel experiences?

Come on, we're all on the edge of our seats!


CP said...

For something really cheap and no frills, laugh all you want, but I like Henry Weinhard's. Brewed in Hood River, OR (used to live near there).

For top-shelf stuff, I had a Trumer Pilsner at the GABF a few months ago that reminded me why I like this style so much. Must try if you haven't already :)


Anonymous said...

Craft beer. That's about it. Some macros from time to time. I've got a thing for alot of Bell's Beers, and a downright unhealthy obsession with Double IPA's. Nice site. I've listed on my favorites to keep up with your beer-blogging. Cheers.