Friday, December 08, 2006

Getting the band back together

You heard it here first! There's change a brewin' at the High Falls Brewing Company.

You can expect the Rochester regional (maker of J.W. Dunedee, Honey Brown, and Genny Cream Ale) to refocus on what used to be its core brands: Genesee Beer and Genny Light.

These working-class beers built that brewery into the fifth-largest in the country, but have fallen by the wayside over the last decade as the company's sales philosophy changed. The success of Yuengling and Pabst Blue Ribbon among young, hip drinkers, however, is spurring a relaunch of these stalwart American beers.

Expect an upgraded brand image, new art and packaging styles, and the same old American adjunct lager taste. Hey, it beats the hell out of Budweiser. Remember, "Geneseeing is Believing."


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Sparkle Anne said...

J.W. Dundees tastes like a Turkey Sammich. Its terrible. Are they going to put a picture of Mrs. Clause's butt upon their new label in hopes of luring 5-year-olds to drink their beer? Long live the High Falls Brewing Company!