Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Boston again

I just got back from another trip to Boston, where I hung with some friends and enjoyed the sunshine. Not much to report beer-wise; the best thing I had was Harpoon IPA.

At least I had a lot of it.

I'm going to Belgium next Thursday, and there's a definite beery slant to the trip. Stay tuned, good readers, as Mark frolics among the Trappists.


Chemgeek said...

I'll be in Boston in August. Any local beer suggestions????

Scottish said...

Hmm... Belgium on Thursday means no Beer School? :(

Mark said...

Beer School will continue as normal. Pat Hughes will be handling the pouring duties, as well as the witty commentary.

Boston? I like the Harpoon Tremont IPA, as well as the beers from the overglitzy but excellent Boston Beer Works, across the street from (shudder) Fenway Park.

Chemgeek said...

Nothing will be happening at Fenway when I am there so the Boston Beer Works may be more relaxed :)

"Overglitzy?" oh well, I'll play the role of tourist and fit in quite nicely, I'm sure.