Saturday, May 19, 2007

Change on the horizon

I'm planning to switch this blog over to WordPress within the next few days, as I hate the new Google blogger. Trouble is, there are so many archived posts in the Beercraft Blog, and I'm unsure how to port them all over once I set a new blog up.

I'll probably have to keep both blogs running concurrently for a while, unless someone can suggest a better solution?

Oh, yeah, Beer School was great on Thursday. We had the entire Custom brewcrafters brewing crew, as well as Kevin from Constellation Brands. It's starting to turn into quite an event, and Pat, Bruce and I will be looking at ways to ramp things up accordingly on our end. Thanks again to everyone for coming out.



SJ Austin said...

If you don't mind paying a few bucks a month, it should be fairly easy to find a hosting solution that would also be a WordPress resource—including the migration of your archive. I was going to suggest WebbleYou, but it turns out they're not accepting new hosting customers. They may still be able to offer you some WordPress support, but you could probably find someone offering a similar service for pennies a day. Good luck.

Al said...

Both and a hosted Wordpress installation can import posts from the new Blogger.

I've been quite happy with BlueHost. A year's worth of hosting is less than a C-note.

my life said...

The Independent is on Beer Advocate but I don't think they have their own website. A $70 beer. I wonder what it tastes like.