Monday, April 23, 2007

What's that bright yellow thing in the sky?

Finally, a respite from the abysmal Rochester weather! We dragged the grill out for the first time. Bruce brought over some King Pilsner from Canada, a true decoction Pilsner that actually edged out Steam Whistle as my favorite North American example of the style. In addition to the clean, refreshing taste and skillfully balanced hop bitterness, the King also had a distinct malt flavoring and substantial body. Quite nice. Too bad I can't freakin' buy it here.

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Bruce enjoying King Pilsner in the wrong glassware

I'm looking forward to TAP NY this weekend down Hunter Mountain way. I'll be pouring for Rohrbach, so let me know you read my shit and I'll give you an extra big sample glass. And then another.


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Calico said...

I hope TAP NY improves their crowd control and food selection since last year. Not holding my breath though. We decided to give it a miss, in spite of the good beer - just too disorganized, crowded, and with too many obviously drunk obnoxious people. The only booth actually asking for tickets or stamping books or whatever they were supposed to be doing was Lake Placid.

I trust you will let us know how it goes.