Friday, April 20, 2007

Awesome freakin' news!

I had a great night yesterday. Beer school had its best attendance yet, with around 30 people showing up to sample Hefe-Weizen. Thanks to everyone who came out, and remember, if you don't think Paulaner Hefe-Weizen is the best, you're wrong and quite possibly a danger to society.

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Pat Hughes and myself preparing a flight

Later on, I found out that Joe McBane, Cellar and Bar Manager for The Old Toad, is buying the old MacGregor's Gregory street locataion. "It's going to be the best beer bar in Rochester," he confidently stated.

I hope so. Downtown MacGregor's was my favorite bar, and I'd do anything to see that place opened again, especially by McBane, whose knowledge and passion for beer made the Toad's selection so eclectic and delightful. Good luck buddy!


Sparkle Anne said...


Anonymous said...

Excellent reporting Mark! This is exactly the reason why I read your Blog. Keep up the great work.

- Jim -

Anonymous said...

Good news for sure. Thanks for posting over at BA too.

Now about that Yankees t-shirt...


Calico said...

What amazingly great news!

Man About Town said...

This is my first of many comments on your excellent blog. I will definitely be linking here from mine.

That's great news about MacGregors. I hope Joe has taken the time to meet with his future neighbors on Cayuga Street to ensure that they do not hassle him incessantly.

Mark said...

Thanks for the kind words, guys. Man About Town, I'm a regular reader of your Roch-a-cha Rant blog as well.