Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bad beer

A random google search for "bad beer" revealed this fun little site. It's nice to know someone's paying homage to the swill you used to drink in college.

While this site pulls no punches in calling out sub-premium American lagers, I'd like to see it expanded to include bad craft beer (of which there is an unfortunate abundance). So c'mon, Satan165 and Mark Blackout, grab your trusty thesaurus and let it rip.

Let me know if you need some suggestions. I try to be nice on my own blog.


'Don' Cialini said...

Great site. Nothing like 2 white "homeboys" talking about absolute bullshit in-between trying to throw the verbal beatdown on a few beers as well. If you think Golden Anniversary sucks, just say it. I don't care about your party with "mad beer" and "mad friends" and you being "mad drunk", and all your "boys" etc.

Nice try Mark, but this site strikes out like Garret Jones with the tying run on second.

Chemgeek said...

I appreciate bad beer as much as the next guy, but this site really kills a good idea. The whole site hurt my eyes, from the green background to the typos.

I respect the effort, but it must be hard to type when you're drunk.

Anyways, my choices of favorite bad beers (cheap beers I drink):
Miller High Life

And a few beers I will never try to drink again:
Northern Lager
Fox Deluxe