Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday's Beer from the Other Side of the World: Tiger

Singapore is known for a lot of things: Security, order, horrific punishment of litterers and vandals. It is not, however, known for beer.

Maybe this is a shame. I picked up a bottle of and it surprised the crap out of me.

To be honest, I expected a thin, light, ricey lager; that's pretty much the norm for asian beers available in the USA. What I got, however, was a fragrant, heady beer with a pleasantly golden hue. The first sip showed Tiger to be the product of a a quality brewery. It's dominated by malt sweetness and aroma, but the bitter hop finish is a perfect counterpoint. The result is a beer that's sweet and hearty, but still eminently refreshing.

I'd say Tiger tastes similar to Efes Pils, another awesome beer from a brewery that, from an American standpoint, isn't only easy to overlook, but it's hard to find in the first place. Thanks to Singapore's Asia Pacific Brewery for creating a gem.

I just hope they don't cane my ass for chucking the bottle cap.



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hope said...

tiger is an excellent choice and goes well with curries