Thursday, March 30, 2006

Southern Tier brewing house beers

Yesterday, we went down to MacGregor's Grill and Tap Room here in Rochester, where we were informed that the Southern Tier Brewing Company was taking over the bar's house-branded beers (previously supplied by the Ithaca Brewing Company). We sampled a Cherry Wheat and I think a pale ale.

Maybe there's another brewery that goes by the Southern Tier moniker, because to say that these beers didn't meet the standard of excellence to which we're accustomed from ST woud be an understatement.

The Cherry Wheat was ok in essence, and the beer didn't overcherrify, but there was far too much hop presence for a fruit beer, leaving a nasty, strangly aftertaste. The ale was thin, devoid of aroma, and just plain bad.

In fairness, we had been drinking a pitcher of hoppy Ithaca Cascazilla, so our taste buds could have been confused, but Southern Tier has a long way to go in order to get these beers anywhere close to the fine stuff they produce under their own name.

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