Monday, December 26, 2005

Proper glassware- a must for beersnobbery

Have you ever really enjoyed a draft beer, yet been disappointed with the same beer out of a bottle? You percieve a huge portion of a beer's flavor with your sense of smell, and bottles simply don't release very much of the bouquet.

That's why any beer geek has the proper glassware for the proper beer. Each glass is designed to best channel the aroma of that particular beer into your schnozz. Different beers have different smells, so of course you'll need to reserve a lot of cupboard space.

Belgian trappist ales are best served ina wineglass like goblet, the grassy aroma of pilsener comes through best in a pilsener glass, and Guiness, of course, must be served in a 20 ounce imperial pint.

Pour the right beer into its proper glass and it just might make the difference between a so-so beer and one you love. Cheers!


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