Tuesday, November 21, 2006

How to slaughter a Monday

I love my job.

The ability to create my own weekly schedule (as can Bruce and our buddy Carl; we all work for the same company) allows the opportunity to gt the best out of the worst day of the week. Instead of spending Mondy toiling for "The Man," the three of us hopped in the Element and headed to Syracuse for a quick pub crawl to Clark's Ale House and The Blue Tusk.

Aside from the incredibly irritating crazy Lady babbling away inside Clark's, we had so good a time that we were able to forget it took place in Syracuse. Middle Ages Wizard's Winter Ale, Stone Smoked Porter, and Young's Double Chocolate Stout more than made up for the insanity of the moment.

It amazes me, not only that two of the country's best beer bars are in a crummy town like Sorrycuse, but also that they're within a block of each other. I dunno, it just seems like an odd distribution. At any rate, they can have my Mondays any day of the week.


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