Thursday, February 24, 2005

I went to Magnolia's deli in Rochester this evening with beery intentions. The deli hooked up with a pretty cool specialty distributor that brings in all sorts of unexpected brews. I opted for Paulaner Salvator, my third-favorite doppelbock.

I rate the top-echelon doppels regularly available for purchase in Rochester, NY, in this order:

1. Tucher Bajuvator (Nuremburg)
2. Ayinger Celebrator (Aying)
3. Paulaner Salvator (Munich)
4. Spaten Optimator (Munich)

Tucher presents the best balance of malt sweetness, with just a hint of hops. It also has a nice, substantial mouthfeel and a finish that's sweet, but not cloying. Ayinger is a close second, and I like the little plastic goat you get with each bottle.

Tonight, I had to settle for Salvator. Poor me. Excuse me while I pour myself a glass of euphoria.


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